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We help you find agent/distributors, sales agents, sales reps for the Taiwan market. Consumer/Industrial products, B2B, B2C. It’s a great time to supplement your sales with a Taiwan market presence!

About Us

We have many years of experience in factory repping both local and foreign companies here in Taiwan. We can consult for you and find the best suited local partners for your products. We are both US and Taiwan staff so we are fully adept at the respective languages and cultures to make this happen for you.

Our Services

Services We Provide


Help you conduct research to qualify Taiwan market for your product. Taiwan market can also serve as a stepping stone into the China market due to common language and related culture. We can also assist with service there. Contact us to discuss!


We research suitable distributors within your product sector locally. We provide you with info package before making introduction. Actual level/details of service vary by case. Download .pdf for details. Contact us to discuss!

Sales Reps

We can serve as your sales representative in some cases. Contact us to discuss!

Ongoing Service

We can also serve as local sales agent for you or manage local sales with distributors. We can arrange fulfillment center support, logistics and payment collection service as needed. Contact us to discuss!

Why Choose Us

Market/Marketer Proficient

Due to our knowledge of both Western and local business cultures and market specifics we can promptly offer good solution options for your consideration

Practical Experience

We have sales experience from different ventures and broad market/product knowledge due to working on the production side of the business.


You decide which option best suits you? Distributor/Agent or Commission Sales Rep. We can help you screen and introduce the suitable parties. We can also provide ongoing service if you need. In some cases we can act as your sales rep or help you manage sales reps here or continue to provide consulting services for you re: distributor.

Back End Services

Should you need we can arrange warehousing/fulfillment location, other logisitics, collect and transfer payments,etc.

Client Testimonials

"Marlin's market research was instrumental in us going ahead with Taiwan joint venture into Radiation sterilization services for Taiwan market."
“Marlin helped us get our Taiwan agent established for our line of PhotoResist materials/system..”
“Marlin helped us break into the central Taiwan marketplace with our. Snapple products. This definitely helped expedite the success of our Taiwan market penetration”
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We're Your Gateway to Taiwan Market Success!

Allow us to use our knowledge base and contacts to provide the best fit for your Taiwan sales market solution.

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