We provide full back-end support for your production implementation. We take over when your design is complete!

We are passionate about the development and production work needed to support your product’s design. We are great at anticipating and negotiating curves along the way and help keep them on course to achieve your goals. Our core competency is managing production via the bi-cultural /language skills and rich local manufacturing knowledge applied to the manufacturing process.

We have the global connections to ensure we find the best partners to handle sourcing, manufacturing, shipping and fulfillment. We can also provide product design and development services including prototyping should you need them. We’ve got you covered!


Our Services Bio

We Specialize in technical/
Engineered Products

In manufacturing/new product develop/production for over 20 years in Taiwan and Asia.-sporting goods: fishing, tennis, golf, ski, snowboard, wakeboard, wheeled products. Strong in plastic injection (tools and production), elastomeric material development: foam rubber-natural and synthetics, pressed, extruded. Precision metal: machined (CNC,stamped, forged die cast, investment cast) metal forms, composite fiber forms, PCB/SMT modules for Smart/ IoT devices.


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