Product Development Consulting Services

Product Development
Material/ Component Development
Tooling/ Prototypes

Your new products are a major part of what keeps you competitive and your brand in view. After the advertising and the marketing there are only your products to keep the customer engaged with your brand and engaging in word of mouth  promotion of your products. New product development is a specialized and daunting task that very few enjoy or master-we enjoy and excel at it. It requires special skill sets: working with engineering and product design staff, selecting the right materials/vendors, sourcing the best component vendors, sourcing the best assembly/packing vendor, arranging prototypes, tooling, production samples,etc. We have the expertise to facilitate this for you coordinating the various vendors in the process and maintaining the time table. We have 30 years of product development/production experience with Asian factory partners.

Remote Engineering Services

We can also serve as your virtual engineering dept with our team of highly experienced and skilled engineers both US and Taiwanese serving you remotely from here in Taiwan. We can conduct meetings with you as needed remotely to make sure all the same procedures occur but remotely providing you with savings on office space and related personnel expenses/benefits,etc. Please contact us today for remote engineering services.

Supply Chain Management Consulting

We also provide all the standard supply chain management consulting services needed! We excel in price negotiation and trouble shooting supplier issues on your behalf.

Broad new product development Experience: Consumer and Industrial

We Excel at Negotiating best pricing For you.

We Manage Your Asian Supply Chain Locally QC Logistics for Your Shipments Best delivery time and pricing

We Manage/Track Order Progress, do trouble shooting and expediting

Full on remote engineering services to support your product development/redesign etc. Skilled Taiwanese and US engineers on staff to do the work for you and provide savings for you!

We Keep Your Supply Chain Moving!

Asia Product Sourcing Solutions

Purchase Order Management

Sourcing Logistics Solutions

Customs Compliance

Supply Chain/Vendor Management

We are here in Asia. We are fluent in Taiwanese/Chinese & Asian production culture with over 30 years of experience: production control, QC (inline and final), R&D, supply chain, logistics.

We speak manufacturing in English and 中文  We worked for US and Taiwanese factories and trading companies so we know the whole process and have all the needed skills to serve you.

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