We Keep Your Project on Point

We coordinate with you to find out your complete system or partial system requirements.

  • 1) We coordinate between all the cooperating suppliers to make sure that design requirements are met in a timely fashion.
  • 2) We arrange test run of system for you to attend (live or remotely)
  • 3)Confirm logistics with you and execute-combine all the goods from various suppliers into one or more containers based on volume of shipment.

We make sure what you need to happen does happen in a timely on point execution.


Robots: SCARA, Linear, Cobot, Industrial, Mini-Cobot

EOAT-various tools for cell production. Welding line (with or without bots).

Material Transport: AGV’s (with or without Cobot included), Machine Tending Equipment for Injection press/CNC Machine.

Laser Micro-machining automated machinery: wafer marking, drilling, cutting, strip cutting. Laser Diode-probing and testing Equipment.


We Leverage Taiwan's experience and Quality Standard to Maximize Your System's Performance and Add value.


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