We connect all the dots

We work with customer companies of all sizes. We coordinate

  • 1) All component development including tooling as required
  • 2) produce plan for sample/prototype development
  • 3) deliver development schedule and  confirm BOM with you
  • 4) track tooling and  component development
  • 5) towards deliver samples for testing/confirmation.

We make sure what you need to happen does happen in a timely on point execution. We are bi-lingual/bi-cultural and manufacturing adept! If it can’t for some reason we determine valid we’ll discuss with you. We can vet the issue and we’ll give you the accurate score on what really is achievable and how to expedite that viable option into being.


Tooling: Die Cast, Investment Cast, Stamping Dies, MIM, Forging Dies, Injection Molds, Rubber Compression Molds.

Processing: All of the processes related to the tooling above. CNC milling, turning, Composite Fiber Forming, extrusion,  PCB/SMT for Smart Appliances or connectivity devices (LORAWAN, WIFI,4G/5G, etc.). Sub-assembly and Full Assembly. Elastomer material development (for top UX ): injection/ sheet molded, thermo-formed.

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