Consulting Services provided

We can provide Taiwan market analysis for your products, likely market-TAM (Total Available Market), represent you in local trade fair or expo, represent you to our existing professional contacts for brand/agent matching, etc. We can build your program to fit your needs and market objectives including our ongoing involvement in sales services with customers and agents here as needed. All programs are customized to meet the needs of you our valued clients!

台灣客人為您安排外國公司台灣代理機會. 協商相關配合與合約的問題


Brand/Agent Matchmaking

Once we understand your market objectives we’ll go through our professional database to find the best matches and discuss with you. After you make your decisions we’ll help you negotiate the terms and details to make sure your objectives are fulfilled.

Startup Investor Matchmaking

Once we understand your investment objectives: type of product/technology, we’ll help you identify, perform due diligence and cultivate accelerator  candidates according to your seed money parameters.

Provide Local Representative Office

Depending on product/project scope, scale, etc.  we can act as your local office and interface with customers, government, etc. to facilitate your  objectives here. We can also perform importation of products if needed since we also have an import/export background and license.

Marlin Market Building

Let’s discuss your branded product/service and how we can help you get it established in Taiwan  strategically and profitably. Call us for a free conference.