AG 3.0/4.0

Agriculture 3.0/4.0


AgriTalk provides agricultural automation solutions (Agriculture 3.0) and agricultural intelligence solutions (Agriculture 4.0) for the AgTech market.


The customer base is agricultural enterprises that need to establish or improve the management of agricultural automation systems. We provide our AIoT platform that enables customized intelligent agricultural solutions for Agribusinesses that need the technology that ensures uniform and high-quality agricultural products.


The scientific and technical services provided by AgriTalk include upgrading of the agricultural automation and the establishment of intelligent systems.


So how’s all this data collected? AgriTalk connects to the sensor’s API and then collects data points, like, air temperature in five-minute intervals, or analytics for one corner of a room to another.  Anything it can’t collect via sensor is input manually by grow managers or other employees The company has an app for mobile and desktop for this reason, which includes a map of each table. The final step? Inputting all of this data into the predictive analytic model.