Farm Field Tech

Farm Field Tech

The AgriTalk Smart Agriculture system combines three aspects of farm field tech:

  • AIoT Monitoring
  • Agricultural AI/Agricultural Formulation R&D

The agricultural AI includes 3 predictive systems: 1) soil microbial 2) fertility 3) disease and pest prediction

Through AgriTalk’s platform, farmers/growers can precisely and promptly manage the quality control of farmland/grow site crops. Using the AI system enables detection for early prevention for farm management decisions! It provides the corresponding agricultural formulation solutions. This allows not only early warning for problems, but also environmentally friendly solutions, creating an ideal, comprehensive and non-toxic technology farming system.

Our patented system was developed by key Taiwanese BioTech and InfoTech scientists and engineers. Our research farm operates continually for R&D and QC purposes along with commercial production of red turmeric. It is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan’s Silicon Valley -next to The Hsinchu Science park-the home of Taiwan Semi Conductor and all the major players in Taiwan and global high tech!

Agriculture 3.0/4.0


AgriTalk provides agricultural automation solutions (Agriculture 3.0) and agricultural intelligence solutions (Agriculture 4.0) for the AgTech market.


The customer base is agricultural enterprises that need to establish or improve the management of agricultural automation systems. We provide our AIoT platform that enables customized intelligent agricultural solutions for Agribusinesses that need the technology to ensure uniform and high-quality agricultural products.


The scientific and technology provided by AgriTalk enable upgrading of the agricultural automation and the establishment of intelligent systems.


AgriTalk data collection happens via connecting to sensors’ API and then collects data points like, air temperature (in five-minute intervals) or analytics for one corner of the site to another.  Anything that can’t be collected via sensor is input manually by the grow managers or other employees. The company has a dashboard website for mobile and desktop for this purpose, which includes a map of each table. The final step? Inputting all of this data into the predictive analytic model.

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