Precision Environment Control Systems

Less Labor, Water, Pesticide, Fertilizer

Software in Cloud Controlled with Internet ConnectedDevice

oTA-Over-the Air Programming

Enabling Smarter Precision Farming

With the exponential growth of world population, the world will need to produce 70% more food in 2050, 

AgriTalk AIoT solutions are focused on helping farmers close the supply demand gap, by ensuring high yields, profitability, and protection of the environment. AIoT technology ensures optimum application of resources to achieve high crop yields and reduce operational costs. This is called “precision agriculture“. AIoT in Ag Tech is comprised of specialized equipment, wireless connectivity, software and IOT services.

AgriTalk Smart farming is based on AIoT technologies and enable growers and farmers to reduce waste and enhance productivity ranging from the quantity of fertilizer used , and enabling efficient utilization of resources such as water, electricity, etc. Our AIoT smart farming solutions are  systems built for monitoring the crop field with the help of sensors (light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, crop health, etc.) and automating the irrigation,lighting and air flow(fans and shutters) systems. The farmers can monitor the field conditions from anywhere. They can also select between manual and automated options for taking necessary actions based on this data. For example, if the soil moisture level decreases, the farmer can instruct control unit to start irrigation. Smart farming is highly efficient when compared with the conventional approach.

Accessories Controlled

Fans, Vents, Heaters,Misting Systems, Fogging Systems, Heating Systems,and Cooling Systems, Lighting, etc. are all controlled by control systems. These can all be controlled remotely saving labor cost.

Smart Greenhouses are designed with the help of  our AIoT. They intelligently monitor and control the climate, eliminating the need for manual intervention. Predictive analytics for smart farming utilizes crop predication. This key factor helps the farmer to decide future plan regarding the production of the crop, its storage, marketing techniques and risk management. To predict production rate of the crop AI Tech network uses information collected by sensors at the farm/greenhouse. This information includes parameters such as soil, temperature, pressure, rainfall, and humidity. The farmers can get an accurate soil data from our dashboard.

OTA -over-the-air programming. Can do diagnostic check of system from anywhere. Will design parameters for your target plant types and upload them to you.

Taiwan is a diverse and complex sub-tropical agricultural system with Alpine mountain climates at its center. Taiwan grows apples,pears, coffee, pineapples, lychee, mangoes, tobacco, Chinese medicine, tea; among many other crops.

The climate isn’t just fertile for plants, it also attracts a lot of insect pests and harmful fungi, which means that vegetables often end up in supermarkets with significant amounts of pesticide residue on them.

So it was under these challenging conditions that our engineers developed and stringently tested the IoT Secure AgriTalk systems to make sure they were ready for anything in the fields and

greenhouses! They grew Red Turmeric with record high levels of curcurmin
consistently, as well as the delicate and fussy white strawberry-Market
price US$10 ea in Japan!

AgriTalk Commercial Greenhouse/Farm Precision Farming Systems

Greenhouse Sensor Options

AHT-503H Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Rapid response time, high stability, high accuracy Microprocessor technology allows compact design, power saving and anti – interference. Streamline shape and elegant design. Complete product line and multi-function for various applications.

AEC-LX001 Lux Meter

The Lux Transmitter measures the light intensity in measurement range 0 ~ 9999 Lux. Using state-of-the-art optical sensing element, AEC Series lux meter presents an excellent reproducibility of the brightness in the environment, meanwhile, keeps long-term stability of the measurement. Unsuitable brightness could cause negative influence to human’s eyes, besides, brightness is also an important part for plant’s growing. Hence, the lux meter is used in agricultural automation system and BMS system to continuously monitor the brightness for the IAQ data analysis through RS485 interface in industrial standard Modbus RTU protocol. It is perfect for green house, plant factory, commercial building or museum and etc.

AVC-310 CO2

AVC-310 CO2 transmitter

CO2: Gold-plated infrared (NDIR) wave-guide technology with Automatic Baseline
Correction (ABC) and passive gas diffusion
(no moving parts)

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Enabling Smarter Precision Farming