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Product Categories

We work with a broad selection of technical products: commercial and industrials. We have an excellent base of manufacturing resources to add value to your supply chain sourcing.


Hand Tools

Taiwan is Excellent Source for Mechanics Tools and Better DIY Tools.


Taiwan is Excellent Source for Medium to High Quality Bikes and Accessories.

Sporting Goods

Much Experience in Composite Carbon Fiber Sporting Goods-Taiwan.


Taiwan Excellent Source for Medical/Dental Equipment.

Aftermarket Automotive

Taiwan Excellent Source for Parts Mechanic and Better DIY Air Tools.

Hardware/Sanitary Fixtures.

Fasteners: Bolts/Screws

Taiwan and Vietnam

Plastic Injection

Strong Background in Injection Mold Tools and Plastic Parts:automotive, electronic, etc.

Taiwan, Vietnam excellent sources

Metal Components

Taiwan Excellent Source for CNC Precision Machinings and Castings: automotive, bicycle, electronic, optical,medical/ dental.

These are just a sampling of the types of product categories we have experience producing and shipping. We have excellent resources for moving production to non-tariff production countries for US customers.