Plastic Parts

We produce precision plastic injection molds and do plastic injection products.

We do mold design in accordance with your production requirements.

We  process your designated plastic resin in the color(s) you require.

We do insert molding, over molding, pad printing, ultrasonic bonding, 2 color injection molding, etc.

Let us know your plastic injection product needs.


Plastic Injection Info

The various materials and tooling that we use to produce the products you need. Components or complete assembled products.

Mold Tool Development

Design mold tool based on part geometry, material spec. and production quantity requirements

Material Sourcing

Confirm acceptable material: branded product e.g. Delrin or generic equivalent


Does this component need to be assembled, over-molded, glued, require fasteners, etc.? Packaging specifications…

CushFlex™ TPE Materials

We also have  our own specialty CushFlex™ TPE comfort/safety material options available for your products.

Comfort Safety Elastomers

 Our materials utilize our MFT™ Micro Foam technology: micro-air bubbles infused into the core of the molded part-an injected foam.


Parts with more cushion/squeeze but high flex/resistance, vibration damping  and up to 20% lighter weight than other TPE materials.

Bikes: bar grips, road bar anti-shock pads, aero ride bar pads

Tool, knife & equipment grips

Footcare insoles/inserts

Luggage hand pad, shoulder pad inserts

Fitness/exercise products components

Electronic device cases and grips