Non-Woven Materials

Our joint venture is with ChiYu Taiwan agent for ExxonMobil Achieve®  materials-the best for producing safe and comfortable infection control products/ medical masks. Our group is vertically integrated with material and component processing and mask manufacturing here in Taiwan (not China) and in SE Asia (by Taiwan owned factories). We provide only quality/certified/safe products meeting FDA, NIOSH, EN standards, ASTM Levels: 1, 2, 3 etc. Colors and pattern options all available.

We have a our P Match™ quick recycle mask system: matched polymers in ear loop and all polymer nose bridge strip so recycling is a breeze! Just throw the whole mask into the machine-no need to cut off ear loops or strip out nose bridge wire!

ExxonMobil Achieve® metallocene material benefits: Up to 15% higher fabric strength/ Outstanding Barrier Properties/ Clean and Consistent Processing


Our Meltblown material made in Taiwan from ExxonMobil Achieve® Contact us today for quotation and availability!

Click on picture above to download .pdf material info packet.

We can offer innovative special designs like our X10D Comfort Medical Mask.

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