Industrial Foam Materials

AirSil™ Silicone foam rubber is the ideal solution for all applications requiring a highly compressible, low-density material. Download tech data here.

AirSil™ is available in several densities: soft, medium and firm. In sheets 24 x 24″ (60 x 60cm)/Thickness: 1/16-1/2″ (1.5-12.5mm) and rolls. Tensile/tear strength better than the market leaders by a long way. Best value in silicone foam materials!

AirSil™ Silicone foam also offers the many exceptional properties that make it such a high performer. AirSil™ FR with flame retarding agent.

We can provide seal strips or other custom extruded forms: solid or hollow, cord, round or square, etc. to your specifications. Formed and cut to your desired length. PSA available in silicone or acrylic. We can do silicone foam tape (various roll widths) with PSA up to 10 yd length.

Benefits of Silicone Foam

  •  Low density, excellently suited for use in lightweight construction

  •  Good acoustic and thermal insulation

  •  Flame resistance

  •  No release of toxic gas on thermal decomposition

  • Closed-cell foam

  • Low compression set

  • Flexible seal with high UV, chemical and weather resistance

  • High heat resistance, service temperatures from -50 to +200 °C with no appreciable change in elastic properties

    AirSil™ applications include

    • gaskets

    • heat shields

    • fire stops

    • seals

    • cushions

    • insulation for a wide variety of products/ applications


    • resistant to temperature extremes

    • resistant to UV

    • resistant to ozone

    • extremely resilient to mechanical fatigue

    • excellent compression-set and creep resistance

    • meet the most stringent UL flame ratings


We also provide closed cell Nitrile Foam/Buna-N sheet and rolls for insulation, cushion, shock/vibration/ sound absorption: InGel™. Download InGel™ tech data here, and ViSorb™. Download ViSorb™ tech data here. Fabric reinforcements available. Ideal for lamination: PSA, die cutting.

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