H-Sol💦™ W/A

H-Sol💦™ Stands for Solubility!

H-Sol💦™ W is our super-water soluble food grade chitosan poliglusam biopolymer system. Fully organic, quick acting micro-powder enhances volume, detangles, moisture retention/ hold/ highlights/, decreases static/traps oil, deodorizing, antimicrobial.  For adding to solutions/emulsions for cosmetic/hair care & pet fur care products. Our H-Sol💦™ proprietary technology produces finely milled powder with the highest purity and highest water solubility in the marketplace. Purity: 99.2% Highly economical: (0.2% -3%) of H-Sol💦™ W needed in solution to achieve optimal effect! H-Sol™ W ups your spray, shampoo, conditioner game instantly! For acetic pH formulations we have H-Sol💦™ A Low Molecular product. Purity: 99.1%.

We can provide H-Sol™ powder additive or do complete hair care/pet care products for you as needed!




Hair Product/ Pet Fur Grooming:  H-Sol💦™ W (Water Soluble)/H-Sol💦™ A (Acetic pH/Low Molecular) for hair and pet fur:

  • Forms a flexible fine layer on the cuticle
  • Keeps hair from sticking together/matting-Nice body and lift
  • Deodorizing
  • Helps enhance highlights of hair
  • Decreases absorption of atmospheric moisture and resulting frizzing
  • Can be rinsed out easily
  • Reduces static electrical charge/Reduces fly away hair
  • Healing effect to dry brittle hair through ionic bonding and coating of hair
  • Preserves moisture within hair including restoring hair products on hair before H-Sol💦™ W applied
  • Is a biodegradable substance
  • What’s good for people’s hair is also good for pet’s fur
  • Gentle to the scalp organic biopolymer material

Good for shampoos, conditioners, volumizer sprays, detangler spray, moisture protection mask, etc. Hair Dye pre/post treatment. We can also offer finished product: OEM (our formula with your label preferred packaging) Your formula with desired packaging and labeling (ODM) from our GMP factory. Bulk or retail packaging both available. Contact us for more info and pricing/samples.

Ingredients: Water , Sodium Benzoate, H-Sol™ W/ Polyglusam, Fragrance

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Benzoate, H-Sol™ W/ Polyglusam,

Enzyme, Citrus Fragrance