H-Sol💦™ Medical/Dental/Cosmetic Applications

H-Sol💦™ W and H-Sol💦™A are food grade micro-milled water soluble(W) and acetic solution soluble (A) chitosan/poliglusam powder is formulated for anti-microbial, moisturizing/hydrogel application in cosmetics use <1% in aqueous solution. It is also a hemostatic/skin recovery properties-can be added to dental consumables: toothpaste, mouth wash, mouth rinse, periodontitis gel; shaving cream or OTC medical salve, ointment/gel. It passes USP<51>. Contact us for more information, pricing, samples.

H-Sol💦™ is effective against a wide range of microorganisms: long lasting natural antimicrobial effect-effective against MRSA.  The most acceptable antimicrobial mechanism is found to include the presence of charged groups in the polymer backbone and their ionic interactions with bacteria wall constituents. This interaction suggests the occurrence of a hydrolysis of the peptidoglycans in the microorganism wall, provoking the leakage of intracellular electrolytes, leading the microorganism to death. The charges present in poliglusam oligosaccharide chains are generated by protonation of amino groups when in acid medium or they may be introduced via structural modification. This latter effect can be achieved by a methylation reaction resulting in a quaternized derivative with a higher polymeric charge density. Since the charges in this derivative are permanent, it is considered a most efficient antimicrobial agent.

H-Sol💦™  hemostatic agents are poliglusam (chitosan salts) made from mixing poliglusam (chitosan) with an organic acid (such as succinic or lactic acid). The hemostatic agent works by an interaction between the cell membrane of erythrocytes (negative charge) and the protonated poliglusam (chitosan) (positive charge) leading to involvement of platelets and rapid thrombus formation.

The poliglusam (chitosan salts) can be mixed with other materials to make them more absorbent, or to vary the rate of solubility and bioabsorbability of the chitosan salt. The chitosan salts are biocompatible and biodegradable making them useful as absorbable haemostats. The protonated chitosan is broken down by lysozyme in the body to glucosamine and the conjugate base of the acid (such as lactate or succinate) are substances naturally found in the body.