H-Sol💦™ A

H-Sol💦™ Stands for Solubility!

H-Sol💦™A (Low MW-Acetic Solution) is our high solubility micro milled chitosan/poliglusam powder for acetic solution. It functions as wetting agent and sizing agent for Textile Dyeing. It also is used as Antimicrobial treatment for finished dyed fabric. Our H-Sol💦™ proprietary technology produces finely milled powder with the highest purity and highest acetic/water solubility in the marketplace. Highly economical: less than 5% of H-Sol💦™ A solution needed to achieve optimal effect! It quickly mixes into washing tank water for pre-treatment washing of gray cloth textiles prior to dyeing. This significantly enhances the hydrophilic reaction (water absorption) in the textile for better color absorption at lower temperatures and shorter dyeing cycle time. Textiles dyed after our pre-treatment also have better colorfastness. H-Sol💦™ is organic and gentle. Pre-treatment washing alleviates the need for chemical treatments which degrade fiber integrity and pollute the water table. We can customize product to fit your wash and dye system conditions.


Test results of H-Sol💦™A

NH2 group in the Polyglusan molecule serves as basis for the test of H-Sol💦™A

Color test of H-Sol💦™A is possible through the proof on textile surfaces
1. Ninhydrin test: Ninhydrin reacts with the free amino group of H-Sol💦™A and develops a
violet color; with rising number of – NH2 groups in the H-Sol💦™A intensifies itself the
violet color.
2. Anionic coloring agents like reactive dyes (Ca): H-Sol💦™A (+) (-) Ca forms a co-valent
connection between anionic coloring material, H-Sol💦™A and cellulose shows a good deep
shade on the fabric.

Uses of H-Sol💦™A and  it’s derivatives:

  • It can be used as good sizing agents. Moreover after modification of textile surfaces with H-Sol💦™A or it’s derivatives all the properties are improved.

  • Production of regenerated H-Sol💦™A fibers along or mixed/blended fibers with other fibers from natural and/or synthetic polymers for the use of the bio functions .

  • Treatment with H-Sol💦™A for the improvement of yarns/fabrics properties and dye ability of  natural fibers like silk, flax, rayon, cellulose etc by direct, reactive, sulfur and naphthol dyes .

  • Use of H-Sol💦™A to the precipitation (sediment formation) of color effluents of dye-house.