H-Sol💦™ Stands for Solubility!

H-Sol💦™ is our high purity super-soluble micro-milled chitosan/poliglusam biopolymer system. Fully organic, quick acting concentrated (need to add only 0.2-3% by volume) micro-powder for enhancing products: 

H-Sol💦™ W (Water Soluble-Food Grade Powder) and H-Sol💦A (Low Molecular Weight) for hair and pet fur. Our H-Sol💦™ proprietary technology produces finely milled powder with the highest purity and water solubility in the marketplace. High purity means more concentrated active ingredients requiring lower add ratio than low. H-Sol™ W Purity: 99.2%, H-Sol™A: 99.1% Additive ratio from 0.2-3%  depending on your product formulation and application. H-Sol™A for acetic pH formulas.

H-Sol💦™Yarn is our H-Sol impregnated rayon yarn for weaving/knitting into fabric.


  • For Hair Care/Pet Care: Adds body/Volume, moisture retention, anti-static, adds highlights, anti-odor, antimicrobial. For shampoo, conditioner, volumizing/detangle spray

  • For Cosmetics : Anti-microbial-prevents mildew, increases moisture retention

  • For OTC Medical/Dental, Oral Hygiene, Periodontal Hemostatic gel(stops bleeding), moisture retention, skin condition recovery, antimicrobial.

  • For Textile: antimicrobial, anti-odor,anti-static, good hand feel, can be combined with many natural and synthetic fibers. Excellent for making medical scrubs, medical textiles.