For Shoes/Insoles

For Shoe Footbeds (midsole cushion)/Sockliners/Insoles-Sports/Hiking/Work and Medical, High Heel Pads, High Heel Inserts, Women’s Heel Grips/Forefoot Cushions,Insulation Foam, Tongue and Collar Foam


High-cushion/hi-flex AirSil™ Stretch e-Silicone makes the best insole/sockliner and peel and stick heel/ foot pad! Cushion/flex support is long lasting-doesn’t bottom out like other materials-micro-air bubbles inside. Feels like brand new for a long time! Temperature range: -30° to 210°C. Can be customized with own texture pattern/logo. Anti-microbial. Cooler, drier and odor free when compared with PU/PU foam, TPR, TPU or EVA!

AirSil™ can be die-cut and bonded to flat sockliner made from EVA or PU, or thermo-formed 3D sockliner to provide enhanced comfort/cool wear at more economic price. AirSil™ heel cup pad/ball of foot pads (Peel and stick) can be texturized and printed as needed. Heel or forefoot components can also be bonded directly to the footbed of athletic sandals.


Die-Cut Insole-individually sized or S,M,L that can be trimmed by end user



Less Bounce to the Ounce!

ViSorb™ M Medium/High impact absorption. ViSorb™H High  vibration damping/shock absorbing heel pad removes shock from heel offering the best comfort and protection. Mid-Sole, sockliner, ball or heel pad,upper. Easy bonding.


ViSorb™ lightweight in sheets and rolls. Black or natural color.


InGel™ H & InGel™ M cushion/flex foam. For heel pad/metatarsal pad comfort and protection. Die-cut component of the insole or plug for mid-sole. InGel™ H & M also good for collar and tongue foam. InGel™ M also offers good for upper liner with insulation properties. Custom shapes and dimensions available.