For PPE/Sports/Medical

Here are some our materials for components and products for PPE/Sports/Medical wear/gear.

ViSorb™ Impact Protection

Less Bounce to the Ounce!


We’re Not MAD But our Technology is! Micro-air Damping!

Photo above is cross section of ViSorb™ showing the micro-air bubble core of the M.A.D. foam technology materials. M.A.D. foam technology makes our materials lighter and provides more cushion flex than similar thermoplastic elastomer materials. Both ViSorb™ and QSorb™ are M.A.D. foam technology materials. ViSorb has received both CE and NOCSAE certification. Our materials offer the greatest range of performance and customization-injection molding, die-cut parts, printing and laminating per your need.

Dual Density: Hard HFlex™ Shell/Softer ViSorb™ Liner




ViSorb™ super vibration damping material ideal for knee pad, for pants knee pad insert, elbow, shoulder, shin pads, etc. Can be die-cut or direct injection molded. Can also be bonded to HFlex sheets. Custom colors, shapes, dimensions, and textures available.

Weight lifting/training Protective ErgoGrip

AirSil™ on hand side for cool/dry antimicrobial ergo-comfort. ViSorb™ on bar side for static load protection.



Medium Vibration damping/shock absorbing comfort cushion material. High-cushion/flex/stretch. Suitable for knee, elbow, wrist pads to produce multiple density layup.

HFlex Sheet™

Our HFlex™ Thermoplastic Sheet is our specially formulated FDA approved chlorine-free high impact vinyl material. It is designed to be die cut and formed under low temperature in hot water or from direct heat from blow drier/heater. Available in 8 x 8″(20 cm x 20 cm) 3 mm thick sheets(other thicknesses can be done). Custom sizes/colors-semi-transparent, holes- per request. Ideal for splints, protective shells with our ViSorb™ and QSorb™ padding foam liner laminates.