An elastomer is a polymer with viscoelasticity (having both viscosity and elasticity) is often used interchangeably with the term rubber. Each of the monomers which link to form the polymer is usually made of carbonhydrogenoxygen or silicon.  Their primary uses are for molded flexible parts such as tires, shoe soles, insoles,bike/motorcycle grips, and damping and insulating elements. In plain English: stretchy/softer materials.

All of our materials below utilize our  MFT™ Micro Foam technology. They are formed with micro-cell air bubbles in their structure making the material both lighter than similar materials but also with better cushion/flex and vibration/impact dampening properties. This decreases weight and provides enhanced comfort/safety to the end-user.

ViSorb™ Foam impact Protection Components

AirSil™/AirVea™ Cushion/Flex Components. ViSorb™ vibration damping/impact absorbing components.

AirSil™ Foam Silicone Cushion/Flex Foam Materials and Components