Injection Molds/ Plastic Products

We produce precision plastic injection molds for your production and we can customize mold design/construction to your production requirements. We can also do tooling and production for you using your designated plastic resin: branded: Delrin, Santoprene, etc. or B&C (best and cheapest), e.g.,  Nylon 6, acetyl, etc. We do insert molding, over molding, pad printing, ultrasonic bonding, 2 color injection molding, etc. We also are strong supporter of customers using recycled materials for production! Let us know your needs.

We also have  our own specialty CushFlex™ TPE comfort/safety material options available for your products. Our facilities are in both Taiwan and Vietnam: ISO/TS 16949. Taiwan is excellent for precision tooling and small-to medium production runs, light sub-assembly. Vietnam is good for precision tooling and large production runs, with more labor-intensive assembly.

Our CushFlex™ comfort/safety elastomers are TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) comprised of synthetic and natural rubber materials. Our materials utilize our MFT™ Micro Foam technology: micro-air bubbles infused into the core of the molded part-an injected foam.

  • This makes the molded part with more cushion/squeeze but high flex/resistance, vibration damping  and up to 20% lighter weight than other TPE materials..


  • Bikes: bar grips, road bar anti-shock pads, aero ride bar pads
  • Tool, knife & equipment grips
  • Footcare insoles/inserts
  • Luggage hand pad, shoulder pad inserts
  • Fitness/exercise products components
  • Electronic device cases and grips