Peel N Stick Pads and Strips

AirSil™ New Game Changing Material

    • AirSil™ Stretch e-Silicone foam’s human skin-like feel and comfort (softer and drier) against the skin is superior to that of ordinary silicone materials (lighter, better stretch, more ergonomic). Grips best against skin (moist skin even better) !

    • AirSil™ has a low specific density of 0.5-0.6 due to our foamed composition ( compared to 1.0-1.2 for regular silicone material)  with excellent stretch and strength-high rebound exceeds rubber and elastic in wear life.

    • Our material is hypoallergenic (no latex), waterproof, doesn’t absorb odors, doesn’t react to heat or cold (not sticky when hot/not brittle when cold) and is washable.

DIY Peel N Stick Grip Pads and Strips

Thickness: 1.7 Pads/Strips

Variety of colors and textures. Shape and size of the pads/strips can be customized for your needs. Package 4-3/4″ x 4″ or to your specification: 1 or more pcs per package. Ideal for bathroom handles, knobs, railings, door knobs/handles. Any surface that is hard and slippery-Peel N Stick Grip add ergonomic grippy comfort and safety .


AirSil™ Peel N Stick strips/pads can be used on smart phones/phone cases, tablets, cameras, and frequently handled device that needs added ergonomic comfort and safety from slipping off of fingers.

Choose from these or custom shapes for peel and stick grip pad. Add comfortable ergo/grippy 3 D textured pads to computer game controllers, phones, cameras, tools, guns, knives, handles, etc.

Peel and Stick Grip Pads/Tapes are easy to adjust and remove from objects applied to.

Uses: Wrap Peel and Stick strips  for extra grip on stair rails/ Stick grips to wheelchair arms to increase traction and comfort/ Wrap grip tape around tools such as pliers, hammers and screwdrivers/boat railings/bathroom shower door railings

Active Grip Tape

With Peel and Stick or without backing-material sticks to itself.

All textures available in these and custom colors

Standard Colors(Shown with Diamond texture)



Hi Vis Orange




 Coral texture