Production/Product Management

We have over 2 dozen years of experience in Asian manufacturing: production, material/product development, production control working for or on multi-national branded companies off-shore produced products: Berkeley/Fenwick (fishing rods/tackle and golf shafts), Prince/Wilson (composite tennis racquets), Rollerblade (inline skate chassis), and many more. Our principals are bi-lingual (English and Mandarin Chinese-particularly useful for Taiwan or China owned or located factories) with all the main skill sets necessary to help you with your sourcing/production needs in Asia. We can provide service to you on a regular, semi-regular or one-time basis as needed.

We can represent you with your vendors on a wide range of production and product/material development tasks: review production schedules/standards with them, discuss new samples and development ideas and goals with them, find out the most production friendly options available within their manufacturing/supplier resource base, analyze the production process on your goods and make recommendations to modify/improve to facilitate your quality/delivery time needs. 

We are located in Taiwan so we can reach your Asian-based suppliers in a few hours time and/or communicate with them in real time from our office. We save you on time consuming, expensive intercontinental travel for staff that are linguistically and culturally challenged. We also save you on salaries with benefits for specialized jobs that only occur semi-regularly. Contact us to discuss your  needs and we’ll propose viable management solutions quickly for your review.