Prene+™/ SilPrene™


SilPrene™ is our newest formulation in our Prene+™ TPE injection processed materials family. It adds silicone into the Prene+™ base of rubber and foam. These 2 materials make the best grips, handles, strap pads bar none! They are dry to the touch like skin, SilPrene™ stays cool and dry due to silicone content and both have great cushioning from M.A.D.™ (Micro Air Damping) foam technology: puts micro-cell air bubbles in the structure making the material both lighter than similar materials but also with better cushion/flex and vibration/impact dampening properties. This decreases weight and provides enhanced comfort/safety to the end-user. Phtphalate-free, Latex-free.

The best ergo /comfort tactile material components for sporting goods,  bikes, kitchenware/knives, hand tools, motorcycles, ski poles, canes, luggage, automobiles: grips/handles.

Electronic products:knobs, switch covers, phone/tablet cases, eyeglasses:nose pads and ear pads, etc. 

Non-slip, dry against skin-perfect for bare hand/neck contact parts, protects from impact/vibration damage to body. Raw material or molded components are all available.

M.A.D.™ (Micro Air Damping) foam technology makes lighter better cushioning parts and products. Let us put our superior technology to work for you on your next grip/component!