InGel™ Foam Sheets



Water Absorption


Compression Set




Tensile Strength




Resistance to Petroleum Durometer

Shore A

0.25-0.35 5% 8-10% 300-400% 1-1.5 Self-Extinguish Excellent 8-12°


InGel™ closed cell NBR foam rubber sheets are the ultimate comfort (cushioned flex) latex-free cushion material. Ideal for sewing inside of fabric component: jersey/neoprene, or bonding to fabric for die-cutting orthotic, etc. It protects the contacted body part from strain due to weight/pressure loading cushioned closed cell foam technology. This decreases weight and provides enhanced comfort/safety to the end-user.


It provides an extremely high-rebound (low compression set-doesn’t bottom out), high-comfort performance which allows user to maintain better blood flow causing better acuity, comfort and energy. Ideally used for pads in camera/guitar/bass neck straps, laptop/carry on bag shoulder/sling straps, hand straps, cane handle pads, crutch pads, walker pads, protective gear pads, sporting goods pads, orthotics, insoles, bike gloves, cycle shorts, chamois, etc.

InGel™ GF-gel foam sheet in 3 sizes: 3mm and 6 mm 60 x 30cm; and 7mm x 60 x 35cm. Great for shoulder(strap pad), hand(grip cushion),  seat cushion (office chair/bike saddle) for sewn fabric case. Direct molded components and sheet stock all available.

Large Saddle Pad