AirSil™ New Game Changing Material

    • AirSil™ Stretch e-Silicone foam’s human skin-like feel and comfort (softer and drier) against the skin is superior to that of ordinary silicone materials (lighter, better stretch, more ergonomic). Grips best against skin (moist skin even better) !

    • AirSil™ has a low specific density of 0.5-0.6 due to our foamed composition ( compared to 1.0-1.2 for regular silicone material)  with excellent stretch and strength-high rebound exceeds rubber and elastic in wear life.

    • Our material is hypoallergenic (no latex), waterproof, doesn’t absorb odors, doesn’t react to heat or cold (not sticky when hot/not brittle when cold) and is washable.

Peel and Stick Tape/Pads

AirSil™ Stretch e-Silicone (FDA medical grade) peel and stick tape/pads are latex free REACH/ROHS approved material which provide ergonomic comfort for injured or achy body parts, used on braces, casts, in shoes, anywhere comfortable padding is needed. Also good for placing on walkers, wheelchairs, canes, bathroom railings, medical  accessories where enhanced comfort and grip are required. Strong adhesive backing is re-positionable.