AirSil™ e-Silicone Foam Rubber

AirSil™ Provides Best Cool/Comfort for the Body

Material Properties

Spec. Gravity

Compression Set


Shore C

Tensile Strength


Flame Resistance

Temp. Range

Water Absorption




Can adjust up or down with 8°




-110C to +315C



Silicone facts

Silicone is made from of silicon, a natural element present in sand and rock, which after oxygen, is the most abundant element on earth! Silicon is transformed into silicone when combined with oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. It is an inert material, so it does not react with the human body/skin and transmits no bad odors nor absorbs any. It also doesn’t absorb heat or cold easily meaning it will feel cooler when it is in contact with body heat and not easily absorb heat from sunlight. It remains supple and flexible when in cold environment. It is safe in salt water, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and does not promote bacteria or fungus growth. Anti-microbial. 

AirSil™ latex-free silicone foam

Is FDA-food/medical grade silicone material with our proprietary foam compound  feel is soft, supple and dry to the touch. Ideal for contacting hands and feet-comfortable,supple,dry/pleasant feel. Regular silicone is soft but denser than AirSil™ and is deader/stiffer. AirSil™ silicone foam is superior to ordinary silicone materials (lighter, better stretch, more ergonomic).  AirSil™ high rebound exceeds rubber and elastic  wear life. ROHS/REACH compatible and sustainable.

AirSil™ stretch silicone materials:

Come in sheets, tapes/strips(Peel and stick and self adhering products), and tubes. New peel and stick strips, tapes and pads with strong but removable adhesive backing. Material stretch/softness can be adjusted for your product needs. We can do custom shapes and sizes, textures to meet your product engineering design needs.

Suitable for:

Outdoor Wear material /Garment trimmings


Bra pad/liners

Shoe insoles/Sock Liners/Footbeds, Stick on heel and forefoot pads

Medical: canes, crutches, walkers, shower chairs, wheelchairs, bathroom railings

Bikes: mountain/bmx bikes (tube grips), road bikes (bar tape)

SUP paddles/windsurfer booms (grip tape)/foot/traction pads (can be laminated to EVA)

Baseball, cricket bats, rackets, hockey/lacrosse sticks (tube grips and grip tape)

Home/DIY: stick on grip skins-grip pads/comfort grips, hand tools, knives, gun grips, axe handles

Exercise equipment: free weights/bars, barbells, kettle bells, dumb bells