AirSil™ Silicone Foam Materials

☀️ ☁️ ☂️ ❄️AirSil™ Performance Stretch Leather☀️ ☁️ ☂️ ❄️

Material Properties

Spec. Gravity

Compression Set

Tensile Strength


Flame resistance

Water Absorption








AirSil™ silicone foam stretch leather’s  feel is soft and dry to the touch. AirSil silicone foam is superior to ordinary silicone materials (lighter, better stretch, more ergonomic). Super-grippy-doesn’t slip even on wet skin/materials.

AirSil™ has a low specific gravity of 0.5-0.6 due to our closed-cell foam construction ( compared to 1.0-1.2 for regular silicone material)  with excellent stretch and strength-it’s high rebound exceeds rubber and elastic  wear life.

Our material is  latex-free/hypoallergenic , waterproof, doesn’t absorb odors, doesn’t react to heat or cold (not sticky when hot/not brittle when cold) and is washable. Can be made anti-microbial.

AirSil™ silicone materials: tapes/strips, and tubes. Material stretch/softness can be adjusted for your product needs. We can do custom shapes and sizes, textures to meet your product engineering design needs.

Suitable for mountain/bmx bikes (tube grips), road bikes(bar tape), SUP paddles, windsurfer booms, bats, rackets, hockey/lacrosse sticks(tube grips and grip tape), hand tool grips, shoes ( insoles, straps, and laces),  draw strings, cords, smart phone holders for running, GoPro style camera head, arm, leg straps, head straps for lights..