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Products Produced: Industrial & Consumer

We Work For You-Not Factories

We Manage Your Asian Supply Chain In Asia Locally

We Perform Factory Audits to make asSure your work is not outsourced

We Follow up Order Progress, do needed trouble shooting

We Assist in New Product Development

We Arrange QC and Logistics for Your Shipments

How're We Different?

We are ideal partner for small and medium sized customers-we know small and medium sized factories and their culture. We know how to build and work the relationships that will get you what you need. Fortune 500 companies get the huge professional factories with the MBA’s and huge staff. We get the more economical ones that hustle, know how to get your product done right and value your business!

How do I make sure I’m getting a good price from my supplier?

By having us negotiate with them and doing periodic 2nd source price checks.

How do I make sure my supplier consistently meets my quality standards?

By us being your on site agent holding the factory to compliance.

How will international trade tariffs affect my China sourcing efforts?

We’ll regularly update you and put together strategic 2nd source locations with other qualified suppliers to keep your supply chain moving and maintain margins.

We Save You Time, Aggravation and Money!

Asia Product Sourcing Solutions

Purchase Order Management

Sourcing Logistics Solutions

Customs Compliance

Supply Chain/Vendor Management

We are here in Asia. We are fluent in Taiwanese/Chinese & Asian production culture with over 30 years of experience: production control, QC (inline and final), R&D, supply chain, logistics.

We speak manufacturing in English and 中文  We worked for US and Taiwanese factories and trading companies so we know the whole process and have all the needed skills to serve you.

About Us

Marlin & Sons is Big in Asia!

US and Taiwan professionals in Asian outsourced production. 30 years supply chain sourcing experience for international branded customers! .

Big in Asia-your sourcing office in Asia!


Central Taiwan is our home base. We are in the same time zone as your Asian suppliers to make sure things happen on time/every time.
We work with manufacturers in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, etc.

Talk To us

Contact us With Your Supply Chain Requirements. We Will Respond to You Promptly and Schedule Conference Call! We are GMT+8 time.

Marlin & Sons Co. Ltd.
Liaoning Rd., Sec. 1, Lane 160, #20, 10F
Taichung, Taiwan 40652