Marlin and Sons. Co.

We specialize in engineered products: plastic injection, extrusion, thermo-forming ; CNC turning, milling, die-casting, stamping, etc. We develop products (OEM/ODM) and produce related tooling for both consumer and industrial products.

We have several proprietary TPE foam technology compounds:  (ViSorb™/InGel™/AirSil™). They are foamed sheets and rolls. AirSil™ and AirVea™ are Micro-Foamed ergonomic injection molded comfort component material systems. We produce injection molded engineering plastic, TPE/rubber components. We can adjust our materials durometer (hardness) to suit your application in many cases. We can also customize stock materials to better suit your product needs. We can develop new enhanced products with our materials for you.

Our SL Precision CNC machined components are ISO 9001-2000 certified.

We are an American-owned company  in Taichung, Taiwan since in 1989. Please contact us with your product specifications. You can contact us with your RFQ right here.

Founder: AmCham Taichung